Public Consultation on the future of Bray Film Studios

The Proposal

Having obtained a temporary planning permission in 2020 for new sound stages and associated production support buildings to house one of the largest TV series in the world, demand for film and TV production space remains very high. 

Our proposals include the following key elements:

  • Retention of stages 1,2,4 and 5
  • 5 new sound stages
  • Demolition of stage 3
  • 4 workshops (replacing the temporary workshops)
  • 1 rehearsal building (retained)
  • Ancillary office and production support facilities (some retained and some additional)
  • Extensive new landscaping and tree planting
  • Green travel plan will include cycle racks and electric charging points
  • Upgrading the existing access from the A308 to provide a roundabout

Artists impression – a cross section of the landscaping by the A308

Landscaping details

We propose creating a gently sloping frontage, planted in a naturalistic way designed to screen the new development and enhance the view from the A308 with swathes of wildflower meadow and native trees. There will be substantial new tree and shrub planting throughout the site, along with green roofs which will significantly enhance what is currently a relatively barren site. We propose a nature conservation area along part of the river frontage.


We are considering a range of options to facilitate water, energy, waste, and fossil fuel use reduction, along with introducing pollinator planting; bird, bat, and insect accommodation; and measures for personal wellbeing.

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