Public Consultation on the future of Bray Film Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

Q The site is in Green Belt – how can you justify this extent of development? 

A We have reduced impact on the Green Belt where possible through sensitive landscaping and siting the tallest buildings in the centre of the site, however we believe the enormous economic benefit to the local area and the region along with job creation both locally, regionally, and nationally significantly outweighs the harm to the Green Belt.

Q Are you seeking to remove the site from the Green Belt?

A No, the site will remain in the Green Belt. 

Q How much extra traffic will this generate?

A The traffic fluctuates. Currently there are up to approximately 600 people working onsite on some days. We are increasing the parking to 750 spaces, but the extra vehicles will be at peak filming times only. Most vehicles will arrive and leave outside the rush hours and stay on site all day.

Q Why are you proposing a roundabout?

A To ensure the smooth flow of traffic and cause the least disruption a new roundabout is the best option. This was also requested by local people during previous consultations.

Q How will local people benefit? 

A Many local companies are already benefitting and we will continue to encourage the production companies to use local suppliers. Substantial budgets are spent in the local community on building materials, fabrics, food, and accommodation etc., so tens of millions of pounds will flow into the local economy each year.

Q Can my business supply the studios? 

A We really want local businesses to benefit. Please send a short email about the nature of your business to 

Q How will this affect the wildlife onsite? 

A We have commissioned expert ecologists to advise on how best to protect and improve habitats for wildlife and this will be detailed in our planning application. 

Q Will you still build the housing? 

A We hope the studios will be so successful that we will not return to housing on the site. Down Place House retains its residential permission.

Q Will this create light pollution? 

A Some lighting is required for safety and security, but we can improve the current situation by installing sensors and low-level lighting where possible to minimise pollution.

Q What about the landscaping and visual impact? 

A Our landscape architects and arboricultural consultants are devising a scheme to significantly enhance the landscape to the front and throughout the site. We propose substantial new tree and shrub planting, along with wildflowers and green roofs to attract pollinators and birds.

Q What will the buildings look like and what materials will you use?

A We are still working on designs and materials and welcome your views. The height of the stages will be similar to the existing sound stages. We will re-use and recycle many materials on site.

Q When are you moving the earth mounds? 

A We propose using the earth to sculpt the front of the site to create an attractive frontage which will partly screen the development. 

Q Are the studios open to the public? 

A Unfortunately not but, Covid measures and filming schedules permitting, we hope to conduct guided tours for local people. To register your interest email

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