Public Consultation on the future of Bray Film Studios

Economic and Social Benefits of the Scheme

Estimated benefits of the film studios include:

Local/regional/national investment and spend

  • In excess of £118M annual production spend, much of which is spent locally
  • In excess of £138M annual gross value added (GVA) for the UK economy  
  • Hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, caterers, taxis and myriad other suppliers will continue to benefit – this will be increased and made permanent 
  • We have created a directory of local, RBWM suppliers to make it easy and convenient for the production companies to use local companies and services

The Lighting Gantry Studio Five


  • 1160 direct jobs (Full time equivalent (FTE’s) both on and off site)
  • 1190 indirect FTE’s through the supply chain and employee local spend
  • 600 FTE’s of local employment – including film and TV production roles (direct impact), across the supply chain (indirect impact) and within the wider local economy (induced impact)
  • 380 temporary jobs for 24 months during construction phase
  • 190 indirect jobs during construction through supply chain and local spend

As security provider for the Studios we have been able to provide work for a minimum of 14 people from within the local community which has had such a positive impact.

David Cole, 4 Front Security, Maidenhead


  • With Bray Film Studio’s unique heritage, filming history and location on the Thames, it is set to be, once again, a truly iconic name in the film world
  • The Studio’s prestigious name will bring confidence and influence, encouraging investment and tourism in the area 
  • We hope the people of the Royal Borough are proud that this iconic British brand is revitalised and thriving in their community
  • For more information on the history of Bray Film Studios, please visit our website at:

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